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Nei Xue Tang Chundi Bodhisattva 18 Hands Artifact About Our Museum
Nei Xue Tang is the 1st museum approved and operated under a special House Museum Scheme set up by the Singapore Authorities. This Scheme basically permits prominent collectors in Singapore to display their private collections in their homes for public viewing.

Nei Xue Tang has the support of the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board, Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority (“URA”) and National Heritage Board of Singapore. The prestigious Patron of the Art Award was given by Singapore National Art Council in connection with this Museum.

Nei Xue Tang Collection is displayed at No. 235 Cantonment Road, Singapore 089766. This is a four-storey pre-war premises with a very charming Peranakan and Greco-Roman façade. Inside this Museum, there are many special and interesting features about the premises. URA have specially conserved the said premises for heritage and architectural reasons. By visiting this Museum, not only could visitors enjoy the exhibits, they could also view and enjoy a piece of impressive architectural heritage of Singapore.

Visitors can also experience a sense of peace, contentment and happiness by viewing the many beautiful exhibits in this Museum. They can learn much about the arts, cultures, traditions and beliefs of the people in this part of Asia. It is for this reason that the Museum is given the name “Nei Xue Tang” which in Chinese means "Hall Of Inner Learning".

About Our Collection
Our collection showcases significant Buddhist artefacts, relics, antiquities and works of art coming as far east from Japan to as far west to Gandhara and as far north from China to as far south to Indonesia. The items collected for display are of different medium and there are gold, silver, bronze, stone, horns, jade, crystal and others. They were carefully collected over 35 years and from good provenance and acquired through established and important auction houses.

Our collection is strong in Chinese and South East Asian Buddhist works of art particularly from Thailand and Cambodia. There are on display rare and major bronze and stone statues. There is also on display a large collection of Buddhist amulets, talismans and relics which will be of interest to visitors. The amulets and talismans do play a significant part in everyday Buddhist practice and beliefs and they are also interesting works of art greatly reduced in size.

A significant part of Tan Swie Hian's Buddhist works of art in calligraphy, oil and Chinese ink on rice paper also form part of this Collection. He is the national treasure of Singapore and he has won many international awards and acclaim (latest being the Crystal Award from the World Economic Forum and the Officer of the Order of Legion of Honour from France).

Nei Xue Tang has been visited by many foreign diplomats, dignitaries and prominent Buddhist Masters and persons including the President and Ministers of Singapore; the then Queen and the Prince and Princess of Bhutan; the ex-King of Mongolia; His Eminence Maha Bodhitataung of Myanmar; Acting Chief Abbot of Wat Rakang, Thailand and many Ambassadors.

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